Wagner Brahm

Welcome to the Wagner Brahm's virtual lab and portfolio. Web Developer, Writer and Nerd.


I'm a creative and experienced web developer, digital marketing, data-driven advertising and data science specialist. A free software and Dungeons & Dragons lover. Pirate and nerd.

I work with internet from the last century, I started as Correio do Povo webmaster, a local newspaper from Porto Alegre, RS. Since then I worked for companies such as: SERPRO, Terra Networks, Cadastra, Brivia, Grupo RBS, DM9 (DDB Brazil), Grupo ABC and Accenture. In collage (UNISINOS) I had a research scholarship on high speed network protocols.

I focus on being part of all inovation moviments, especially in communication technology and the human connections generated through it. And for this reason I collaborate in some open source projects, I volunteered to teach programming and am present in every Campus Party.


I am currently working at Accenture Interactive, helping the world’s leading brands transform their customer experiences across the entire customer journey. Previously, I worked as Chief Technology Officer on the first date science company focused on advertising of Brazil, Mindigitall, a joint venture between Grupo ABC and a trading desk called 2ACTION. Due to my experience in data-driven advertising from when I worked in DM9DDB, one of the advertising agencies in the Grupo Group, I was invited to be part of this new team, which we developed products and services focused on the audience segmentation and predictive customer behavior.

But I've messed hands with hard work! In the distant past I worked as a technician specializing in mechanical tooling and die shop.


Please contact if you want to hire me, comment on any of my articles, ask any questions, form a RPG party or just want meet me. I can delay, but I always answer.

SKYPE wagner.brahm